Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 41: De-constructed Gado Gado

“We neither make a value judgment nor do we make a categorical statement,” said Eshel, an Assistant Professor in Geophysical Sciences. “We say that however close you can be to a vegan diet and further from the mean American diet, the better you are for the planet. It doesn’t have to be all the way to the extreme end of vegan. If you simply cut down from two burgers a week to one, you’ve already made a substantial difference.”

When I looked through my blog entries for the first 30 days, I noticed that we had not had any tofu in all that time, so I went looking for a tofu recipe. I found this one on - probably my favorite recipe site
The tofu I had bought was "sprouted" tofu and that, combined with the peanut sauce, made me think of my first experience with food outside of the realm of the spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf and pork chops that were the standard fare of my childhood. My college roommate and I went to visit her parents at their tiny lake-front cottage. Her father made dinner; Gado Gado, an Indonesian recipe I think, consisting of cabbage and other vegetables, bean sprouts, eggs maybe? and I seem to remember that there was tofu - but that may be a false memory - in a peanut sauce. It was absolutely delicious and like nothing I had ever tasted.  That dish was one of the things that set me on the journey of food exploration and discovery that I am still on.

The Tofu Triangles in Nut Butter Sauce with Scallions recipe is excellent. I went very easy on the oil, but browning the triangles is essential. I used a little toasted sesame oil mixed with some olive oil to fry them - a little more than 1 tablespoonful. I used chunky peanut butter for the sauce. I stir fried (in 2 tsp oil) some shredded cabbage (and there is still 1/2 a head left!), the other green pepper from Trader Joe's and a couple of carrots and I cooked up some long grain brown rice. The vegetable mix complimented the tofu nicely and the peanut sauce was tasty on everything. This is a keeper by unanimous decision - everyone loved it.

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