Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 126: Best Pasta Special I have ever had at Enzo's

Bucatini – thick spaghetti like pasta with a hole throughout the middle. 

I am KICKING myself that I did not take a picture!

The dish had very long strands of pasta, smothered in eggplant (sauteed? roasted? not sure - don't care), chunks of cooked tomatoes, capers, Calamata olives, and topped with cubes of the best smoked fresh mozzarella I have ever tasted. 

It was a huge portion (as is the usual at Enzo's). I ate half and brought the other half home. S. had half of the leftovers for lunch the next day and the other half for dinner.

I would go back and order it again tomorrow if I wasn't afraid I would gain 5 pounds.

I WILL take a picture if I go back, though, and I will try to make this someday - stay tuned - but where does one get bucatini?

The pasta looks like this - but this one has no eggplant or capers or smoked mozzarella. Oh, it was fabulous.


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