Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 59: Rice Stuffed Yellow Acorn Squash

It looks yellow to me - but I guess it is also called white acorn squash. I had two sitting in the wire basket tower thing on the counter that I picked up at the farmer's market a week or so ago and there was rice leftover from the mushroom and rice burgers. I thought about going with onions and cranberries and nuts, but S. has been saying she is tired of those classic "fall" type dishes. So I poked around in the fridge, freezer, and pantry and found...

Clockwise from upper left
green pepper slices from the freezer
Basil & oregano
olive oil
the two squashes are slightly different in color (and they tasted different too)
3/4 of a red onion
Leftover rice
Calamata olives
Feta cheese

And here is what I did:
Chopped onions, peppers, and garlic

Sautéed the onion & garlic in olive oil (1 tsp) for a bit

Added the peppers and cooked a bit more

Scooped the seeds out of the squash

Mixed vegetables, rice, 1 tsp each basil & oregano, about 6 large calamata olives chopped, and 3/4 cup crumbled feta, then split the filling between the 4 squash halves.

I started to bake them in the oven - then had a minor disaster (do not try this at home - I added water to that pretty blue glass dish in the oven and it shattered into a bizillion pieces - which luckily fell down and away from the squash, leaving it virtually untouched). I was making this dish ahead for the next day - so after the diaster, I put the stuffed squash halves in the fridge. Next day I put them in a casserole with about 2 inches of water, covered with the lid, and nuked them about 10 minutes on high. The filling was very tasty. The squash that was a darker yellow was less stringy and better tasting.

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