Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 60: Orichette with Broccoli Rabe & Goat Cheese

I haven't had broccoli rabe in a very long time because I remember not liking the bitterness of it. I decided to give it another try and bought some earlier this week. An internet search turned up the recipe at the link above. I started with that, dropped the olive oil to 3 tsp instead of 3 tablespoons, cooked 1/2 a pound of pasta instead of 1 pound and used 4 oz of goat cheese and Parmesan (on hand) instead of Romano. I also used Morningstar Farms vegetarian bacon instead of the real deal. And - I broke my own rule and forgot to buy garlic when I was at the grocery store today! So I had to use garlic powder - good grief! The broccoli rabe was bitter (perhaps this is why they call it a bitter green?) but I thought the dish tasted quite good overall. L. agreed. S. voted thumbs down on the broccoli rabe. I might add chopped red onion if I made it again (this could even be in place of the fake bacon).

First thing to do: Put a big pot of water up to boil for the broccoli rabe and another pot of water for the pasta.
Then - brown the breadcrumbs in 1 tsp olive oil

Wash the broccoli rabe- cook 3 minutes in the boiling water, drain and coarsely chop.

Cut the fake bacon into pieces and cook in 1 tsp olive oil, then add garlic and red pepper flakes.

Add the broccoli rabe and cook another 3 minutes or so, 

Then add the pasta, 1 cup pasta cooking water and cook 3 minutes more

Turn off heat, add goat cheese, stir till it melts in, then stir in Parmesan

Sprinkle toasted breadcrumbs over the top

I warmed the bowls in the microwave, I trick I learned from my Aunt Mary.

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