Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 70: Frozen Pizza

S. and I went with our rabbi to volunteer at the Interfaith Council homeless shelter. The IC runs the shelter out of local churches; the families stay in each church for a week. They sleep in a classroom, or whatever space is available. They have to travel to a YMCA or other center to shower each day. Once a month, volunteers come in for "game night" with the kids.We brought a craft project for the kids, S. baked cookies and I brought my guitar. The kids loved the project, and the cookies, and the songs - everyone sang. They were very well behaved and so sweet. We plan on making this a monthly activity.

I got home from work well after five and we were due to meet the rabbi at 6:30 - so I had a frozen Lean cuisine pizza and S. had a cheese sandwich. Some things are more important than dinner.

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