Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 79: Out to Dinner

Went to a new place, Sweet Jane's Cafe in Johnsonburg, NJ to hear Kate & Paul because we like their music and like to support our friends who make music here in northwest New Jersey. The music was excellent, as usual. The cafe was interesting, nice atmosphere, but the food sounded better on the menu that it turned out to be in execution. I had a "veggie burger" that was mostly mushy rice served on a charred bun. The "burger" was a little too big and a little too spicy and did not hold together at all. It was served with sweet potato fries all of which were either burnt or undercooked. L.had a flat bread pizza with hummus, spinach, feta and black olives and reported that the flat bread was also burnt on the bottom. He did have a nice salad with fruits and nuts though.

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  1. So sorry that Sweet Jane's was a disappointment! I was hopeful that it would be a good example of fine local cuisine, as they've billed themselves!!!!!!!